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Menomonie Post 32 June 2015 News Letter.


Date: June 2, 2015

To: Post 32 American Legion and Auxiliary Members

From: Commander Markham, Post 32 and Dunn County Commander

Subject: "Post 32 Election of Officers" Meeting: Monday, June 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Menomonie Post 32 "Hosting District 10 Fall Conference": September 18-20th

Post 32 Hosting Legion Riders "Spirit Motorcycle Run" Stop on June 20th

Greetings Post 32 American Legion and Auxiliary Members! It's been sometime since we last

corresponded during the Holiday Season when we were promoting the "Operation Tip-Up" Ice Fishing Event on Lake

Menomin in January. It was a cold sub-zero day when the Menomonie Honor Guard and Post 32 members participated in

the wonderful event for area veterans. Although we didn't catch any fish of note in January, our luck and the

weather has changed and there are a number of important updates to communicate to everyone. First off, a brief

update on "membership" whereby Post 32 is at 94.20% with 128 out of 136 members having signed-up so far. Last year

at this time, we fell "four members" short of a 100% post designation. I'm asking for "one last push" for our

remaining members who have not renewed their membership for the 2014-15 year to help us get to a 100% Post.

Please send your renewals to:

Ted Stearns, Membership/Finance Officer

American Legion Post 32

Post Office Box 14

Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751

Membership: District 10 includes Baron, Dunn, Buffalo, Eau Claire, Chippewa, Pierce, Pepin, Trempealeau and

St. Croix counties with 61 posts and 7164 legion members. The State of Wisconsin is in 5th place at 94.49 %.

District 10 membership is currently in 6th place in the state at 94% membership. The nine posts in Dunn County

are currently at 93.38% and again, Menomonie Post 32 is currently at 94.20% of membership. We welcomed new member,

Ron Rodey at our May meeting and Roger Dagitz, a transfer member from another post.

I attended the District 10 American Legion "Spring Conference" in Cumberland whereby I was nominated for and elected

incoming 3rd Vice Commander of District 10 in Wisconsin. There are 12 Districts in the State with approximately 60,000

Legion members. Although I'm honored to become more involved at the District level, there may be somewhat of a

"domino effect" at the Post level but particularly at the County Council levels in the upcoming elections in June.

District 10 by-laws preclude a District Vice-Commander from being a County Commander. However, as an incoming

Vice Commander, my overall duties will include responsibility for Dunn and Barron County American Legion programs in

reporting to our incoming District 10 Commander, John Miller. Incoming Commander Miller is a service-connected,

Vietnam veteran with service in the Air Force. He attended our May Post 32 meeting and will be at our June meeting as well.

John Miller lives in Wilson, Wisconsin and the "Wilson Legion Post" is his "home post",

so to speak. I'm proud to be serving under incoming Commander Miller, especially in being from the local area whereby many of

John's family activities are based out of Menomonie. One of my goals as Commander of Post 32 has been for the post to be

active at the Post, County and District levels concerning American Legion programs and involvement. In addition to Post

activities, I represent Post 32 at the County Council meetings, District Fall and Spring Conferences, D.E.C. Meetings,

District 10 Membership Committee, numerous post/district committees, State and National Conventions, I was fortunate to

attend the American Legion College last October for a week-long leadership training course that went from 8:00 a.m.

to 10:00 p.m. each night in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis is the American Legion headquarters and a selection

committee reviews your credentials and application submissions prior to being selected for the College.

There was a similar process at the District and State levels in terms of being nominated for the American Legion College.

There were no "Post 32" costs involved with the College since most expenses were taken care of through the

State/National American Legion. Commitment to further leadership opportunities is an understood expectation of

attending the Legion College and this experience "set the stage," so to speak," of my nomination and election as

the 3rd Vice Commander in District 10.

I am hoping for a good "turn-out" of our Post 32 members in terms of the "elections of officers" at our

"special" meeting on Monday, June 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Veterans Center of Menomonie. Concurrently,

Post 32 members will also be planning for two important events that we will be hosting this summer/fall.

Perhaps the first important event is the upcoming "Spirit Run" Legion Rider motorcycle route that stops in

Menomonie, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 20th at the Veterans Center of Menomonie. I received a call recently

from past State Commander, Ken Rynes who is the coordinator of the "Spirit Run" again in Wisconsin this year.

This is a three-day motorcycle event running 700 miles across Wisconsin, beginning in Mequon and ending at

King, Wisconsin. The route this year runs through Menomonie and Ken Rynes is asking for our assistance in feeding

approximately 80 American Legion Riders for lunch at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 20th. Local posts at each stop

along the way are expected to help feed the Legion riders and local posts usually present donations for the "Legacy

Scholarship." The Legacy Scholarship enables children of our fallen soldiers in combat to go to college at minimal cost by

bridging the gap between Federal Aid [50%] and additional costs of a college education. Last year, the Wisconsin

Legion Riders raised approximately $60,000.00 for the "Legacy Scholarship" in Wisconsin and the goal is to match or

surpass that amount this year. The "Legacy Scholarship" has been the primary "Legion Rider" fundraiser across Wisconsin and

Nationally since 2006. The national route leading up to the national convention each year is called the "Legacy Run."

The American Legion established the "Legacy Scholarship" in the Post 9-11 era when our young veterans went to war in

Iraq and Afghanistan. Presently, the 106,000 members and 1200 Legion Rider Chapters' throughout the county have

raised over 3 million dollars. This will be an item for discussion at our June meeting.

Another important upcoming event involves Menomonie Post 32 hosting the District 10 Fall Conference on September

18th-20th, at the Veterans Center of Menomonie. A steering committee consisting of the following members has been

set-up for planning and implementation of the Fall Conference: Dudley Markham, Ted Stearns, incoming Commander

John Miller, Marlin Severson, Larry Sinz, Terry Kuester and Chris Hamm. The basic framework of the Fall Conference

entails a 1.A: Friday night social and early registration from 4:00-6:00 p.m. We are tentatively planning a

District 10 Golf Outing [4:00-6:00 p.m.] with a fish fry and social at the Country Club in North Menomonie on Friday,

September 18th. 2. A.: Saturday [September 19th] business component of the conference includes registration, coffee,

donuts and rolls, opening protocol, introduction of guests, County Commander Reports, Committee Reports and Lunch.

2. B.: The afternoon continues with Committee reports, Standing Committees, Membership updates,

2.C.: "Social Hour" [4:30 p.m.] followed by 2. D.: Banquet [5:30 p.m.] that includes a "POW/MIA Remembrance Service."

3.A.: The final component of the Fall Conference on Sunday includes coffee and rolls; conference reconvenes at 9:00 .m.

with protocol, committee reports, standing committee reports, Commanders Report and adjournment.

There will be a 3. B.: Memorial Service at 11:30 a.m. and 4.A.: lunch following at Noon whereby the Fall Conference

is concluded. In addition, we will be enlisting the "Menomonie Honor Guard" for playing TAPS-Firing Squad at the

conclusion of the Memorial Service.

There will be a need for sub-committees in producing the Fall Conference Booklet, advertising sales, raffles,

golf outing, food service, volunteers, set-up and take-down, and related logistical support needs for the conference.

"Post 32" will incur some expenses in the process but "hosting posts" actually make money beyond expenditures through

advertising sales, raffles and silent auctions. The overall breakdown of responsibilities includes: "Post 32": hosting

the conference [Veterans Center of Menomonie] and providing logistical support [meals, breaks, golf outing and registration]

throughout the weekend. District 10 officers are responsible for the operational agenda, running the meetings on Saturday

and Sunday, Remembrance/Memorial Services, protocol and ceremonial components of the Fall Conference.

The Spirit Run and District 10 Fall Conference will provide some positive challenges for Post 32 in Menomonie and

Dunn County posts. I will be inviting the other Legion posts in Dunn County to collaborate or offer donations at the

Spirit Run stop in Menomonie and attend the Fall Conference. It's been a long time since "Menomonie Post 32" or Dunn

County posts have had this level of involvement within District 10. I feel that "Post 32" can also use these upcoming

events to encourage membership and fellowship opportunities with our local veterans in the area. Perhaps we can invite

our local veterans to participate in the Golf Outing or "Social Hours" to socialize with our local Legion members.

I would like to remind our members that Post 32/Dunn County have websites at: www.menomonielegionpost32.org with links

to Dunn County, District 10, State/National, W.D.V.A. and Federal V.A. The last several weeks have been busy with

Memorial Day activities and recent Poppy Sales [$1895.87] on Thursday, May 21st. Post 32 members will be participating

in the annual "Flag Day" Program on Sunday, June 14th at 2:00 p.m. near the downtown Veterans Memorial in Menomonie.

This year's event will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Memorial and Flag Day Programs. The program includes a

Flag Folding Ceremony, Menomonie Honor Guard and Ludington Guard Band playing patriotic musical selections. There will

also be a Flag Retirement Ceremony facilitated by the Menomonie Honor Guard at the Veterans Center of Menomonie

following the Flag Day Ceremony.

Old Business reviewed at our May 11th Meeting included: Membership Drive/Post Revitalization in Osseo that

Commander Markham attended in conjunction with being a member of the District 10 Membership Committee.

"Operation Tip-Up" Ice Fishing Event on Lake Menomin with the date of Saturday, January 10th. Post 32 members served

on the Honor Guard and Ice Fishing on that cold sub-zero day. We had our traditional January Holiday Luncheon and March

Legion Birthday Luncheons at the Leisure Services Center. Commander Markham and Membership/Finance Officer Ted Stearns

provide finance, membership and information updates of the American Legion. Commander Markham attended the U.W. Stout

Veterans Club Meeting in March. I presented our American Legion Programs, membership opportunities and continued

collaboration between Post 32 and UW Stout Vets Club. I attended the District 10 Spring Conference in Cumberland and

several Legion members participate on the Patriotic Council in planning the local Memorial Day Program and setting-up

Flanders Field.

"American Legion Post 32" was one of the sponsors for the recent presentation of " P.T.S.D. Hope and Healing for

Veterans and their Families." Sharleen Prinsen's book [Blind Faith] and presentation focused on how post traumatic

stress affects the whole family, including the veteran. This workshop was presented in April with seventy-plus attendees

for the speaker, discussion panel, vendors of local service providers and "chili lunch" served by the "Community for

Veterans" Homeless Shelter in Menomonie. Commander Markham serves on the local Veterans Ministry Committee as a Legion

representative with the group. Some of you might remember another successful "Veterans Ministry" Committee presentation

of "Welcome Them Home, Help Them Heal" by Lt. Colonel John Sippola, retired Army Chaplain from Wisconsin.

This workshop focused on recognizing the spiritual needs of veterans.

Several Post 32, V.F.W. and Am Vets marched in the "Loyalty Day" parade in New Richmond in April. Post 32 member

Marlin Severson is the District 10 Blood Donor Program Coordinator. Commander Markham was recently appointed as the

Veterans Administration Voluntary Services [VAVS] Associative Representative of the American Legion on the V.A.

Voluntary Service Committee at the Minneapolis V.A. I am fortunate to get much of my medical care through the

Minneapolis V.A. Hospital so I'm excited to be part of this committee. Commander Markham attended the "High School

Awards Night" in May in presenting our Badger Boys Certificate to our High School representative this year. Post 32

members and officers continue to collaborate with the Dunn County Service Officer, Greg Quinn in planning and implementing

multiple veterans' events throughout the year. Commander Markham serves as one of the Dunn County Veterans' Commission

members in administering the "Soldier Relief Fund" in the county. Most of the "Soldier Relief Funds" provide transportation

to Dunn County veterans needing medical care at area V.A. Health System facilities. The other members of the Commission are

Gilbert Mounce [Legion member] from Downing and Gary Lauer [Legion Member] from Eau Galle. Greg Quinn is a Post 32

member and post service officer.

Team Wisconsin: Denise Rohan is Wisconsin's Candidate for National Commander in 2017. Former State commander

Denise Rohan is Wisconsin's candidate for National Commander of the American Legion in 2017. The campaign is starting

with an upcoming "Golf Outing" in Reedsburg and Legion posts are encouraged to contribute "Hole Sponsorship" at

$50.00 per hole. Post 32 will consider "hole" sponsorship at our June meeting. Anyway, it would be a "historic event"

for the Wisconsin and National American Legion to have Denise Rohan elected "the first female National Commander"

in the history of the American Legion. I've had the opportunity to meet Denise Rohan and husband Mike several times

and they are both outstanding people who would represent the best of the American Legion.


Important Dates for Post 32 in 2015:

June 8th: [Monday] Post 32 Meeting 7:00 p.m. Veterans' Center of Menomonie.

June 14th: Sunday, Flag Day Program at 2:00 pm. Flag Retirement Ceremony.

June 13th-June 20th: Badger Boys State in Ripon, Wisconsin.

June 18-21st: American Legion Spirit Run stops in Menomonie on June 20th [Saturday] Veterans' Center of Menomonie.

June 21st: King Day: 60th Annual Pilgrimage for American Legion to King Home and distribution of membership cards

to each District in State.

June 23rd: [Tuesday] Dunn County Council Meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Veterans Center.

July 13th: [Monday] Legion Post 32 Meeting at 7:00 p.m. Veterans Center.

July 15th:-July 19th: American Legion State Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin.

July 22-July 26th: Dunn County Fair: Legion volunteers needed to staff a booth representing local veterans organizations.

July 31st-August 2nd: 31st Annual High Ground Bicycle Tour with stop in Menomonie on Friday, July 31st at 2:45 p.m

August 28-September 3rd: American Legion National Convention in Baltimore

September 10th-September 14th: "Moving Wall" Exhibit: New Richmond.

September 14th: Post 32 American Legion Meeting at 7:00 pm. Veterans Center

September 15th: Dunn County Council Meeting: 7:00 p.m. Veterans Center.

September 18th:-September 20th: District 10 Fall Conference in Menomonie

October 25th: [Sunday] District 10 D.E.C. Meeting in Ettrick Post 354.

November 7th: [Saturday Night] Veterans Day Concert at Mabel Tainter: Dudley Markham and the Cutaways. Proceeds from

concert will fund local Legion programs.

November 11th: [Wednesday] at 9:45 a.m. Middle School Veterans Day Program.



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